“Do we need to have a face-to-face meeting?”

It is not necessary to have a face to face meeting. We can conduct an interview with you over the phone, perform research on job descriptions, titles, keywords, and gather all of the information we need to write your resume without meeting in person.

“I don’t have an existing résumé. Can you write one from scratch?”

Yes. It is not necessary to have an existing resume. Many of our clients don’t have existing resumes. We write resumes using a variety of methods including utilizing questionnaires, phone interviews, and research.

“Can you write a general résumé for me?”

No. Your resume should be targeted. It should contain the name of the position you are applying for and closely match the job description through highlighting your qualifications, related keywords, and accomplishments. The resume we write for you can be easily edited and tailored by you to match different positions. We will teach you how to change your resume at your request.

“Do some people need more than one résumé?”

Yes, if you are applying for positions in two different fields, you may need completely different resumes.

“How long should my résumé be?”

First, generally speaking, you shouldn’t go back more than ten years, fifteen at the most. Any experience older than that is often considered obsolete by the employer. However, if you are an executive or manager with 20 years of experience, a two-page or even three page resume is appropriate.

“How do we communicate?”

We can communicate by phone, through email, or text. Once we gather enough information, we will compose a first draft and send it to you through email. Usually, we will have a few questions that you can answer by typing directly on the draft, calling, or emailing, which ever you prefer. We guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with your resume and will revise it until you approve the final draft.