Career Coach

Lisa has been an attorney for 20 years, working both in traditional and non-traditional legal roles. As an attorney, effective writing and presentation skills has been key to many of her career successes. Through her current corporate role, she is also a hiring manager, regularly interviewing candidates for professional, advanced degree positions. In 2009, she also became a certified coach, leveraging these skills to provide career coaching services in a global, corporate setting.

For the past 5 years, she has been coaching executives and leaders in a variety of industries on performance enrichment, career transitions, leadership development, and change management. She coaches clients toward feeling more empowered in their search for new opportunities, adapting to change, and presenting their best “self” in their current and future endeavors. Lisa has also been very successful with providing comprehensive interview coaching services, from pre-interview preparation, the actual interview, and post-interview follow-up and negotiations. Through her dual career roles, she’s on top of job search strategies, interviewing trends, and has varied industry knowledge.

Lisa Alioto, Certified Career Coach,
Reference Attorney Manager

My Career Coaching Style

I welcome the opportunity to meet new clients, learn about who they are and what they truly want for themselves. I thrive on providing the guidance and support needed to help clients experience new successes, and at an accelerated rate. Whether it’s less stress and more success in life or enhanced clarity and career direction that you are looking for, my goal is to provide you with attention focused solely on you. I provide a safe space for you to hear yourself think. I am here to guide you in viewing your challenges from a new perspective and to help you find even better, and more efficient solutions to your goals.

I don’t pretend to have all the answers. As your coach, I am here to help you clarify your goals and discover what the next best step is for you to take to achieve them. Recognizing that change can be difficult and overwhelming, I will support you along the way, helping you to find effective ways to minimize stress while at the same time increasing your confidence and success with your goals. Working together, we can create a personalized plan that works best for you, ensuring that the plan not only achieves your goals, but does so in the most efficient and seamless manner for long-term success.

The return on an investment in coaching is based upon your investment in the process and willingness to take action on your goals. I am here to help keep you accountable to your plan, navigate around any unexpected obstacles, and act as a sounding board as you work toward success. I have successfully coached clients in a wide variety of areas, including helping them work through personal roadblocks, providing extra support and guidance during a life transition, and providing guidance toward developing new strategies for managing stress, enhancing job performance, and increasing leadership skills.

Lisa’s Pricing: 

Career Coaching* Career Coaching* Interview Coaching
3 session package: 50 minutes 6 session package: 50 minutes 50 minutes
$510 Additional single sessions: $179 $990 Additional single sessions: $179 $179


*Career coaching includes career path planning, leadership skill development, performance enrichment, and career transition coaching.

Customer Reviews

“Lisa was very responsive, supportive, and encouraging! In addition to three face to face meetings, we had many phone conversations and email exchanges. We explored new paths and eliminated some…. Within a few days of our first phone interview, I learned I was going to be laid off in the fall. Thank Goodness Lisa was in my corner or the news would have been much more daunting!”


“[Lisa} helped me hone my interviewing skills (especially those pesky behavioral interview questions). I’m now more confident and concise when discussing my professional skill set in general and in job interviews. Lisa is a gifted writer and communicator. Her expert knowledge and timely follow through are top-notch. She is supportive, sincere and inspiring. I highly recommend working with Lisa.”


“It went extremely well. Lisa has a wealth of information…. Advice was extremely personalized yet applicable so many ways. I think I received 20 pieces of important hints and advice in just 20 minutes. But it was not too quick… Very current information for the marketplace also.”


“Lisa was hired to help my daughter who recently left a position due to a poor work environment. The decision for my daughter to make this transitional move and seek new employment was stress inducing in itself. Lisa provided the encouragement and support my daughter needed during this time and increased her self-confidence. She helped with interview skills and provided excellent guidance and advice along the way. We were extremely impressed by Lisa’s knowledge and insight of the hiring process. She also focused on the human side of things and guided my daughter to do what was right for her personally. Lisa was extremely prompt and responsive to my daughter’s phone calls and emails… She was highly professional yet very caring and easy to talk with. My daughter was successful in finding a new position. I would definitely hire Lisa again and highly recommend her services to others.”